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Data Center Modernization  |  Application Modernization

Data Center


With the arrival of public cloud, many IT Pros want to explore modernization and datacenter transformation options for Compute, storage, networking with the Public cloud.

At Context, we can help you Modernize your datacenter and reduce your expenditures on what is typically the most costly component of your IT budget. We do it by rationalizing, consolidating, and pruning servers, applications, and data centers to eliminate waste, redundancy, and underutilization.

With our Data Center Modernization Services, you can:

  • Plan Migration Process
  • Simplify Day to Day Server Management
  • Implement Hybrid Cloud
  • Gain control of data center resources
  • Better utilize existing servers and devices
  • Simplify operations and reduce resource costs
  • Reduce energy and facility costs
  • Decrease transformation time and remove potential errors
  • Enable compliance

Data Center Modernization Process

  • Data Center Rationalization Physical rationalization and consolidation of data centers and technology infrastructure, and pruning of applications
  • Data Center Virtualization Planning and implementing virtualization technologies for servers, storage, and networking infrastructure
  • Cloud Data Center Planning and Deployment of the servers, storage, and networking infrastructure in Private/Public Cloud environment, behind a managed console

Application modernization is the refactoring, re-purposing or consolidation of legacy software programming to align it more closely with current business needs.

The goal of Context application modernization Services is to create new business value from existing applications.

Keeping legacy applications running smoothly can be a time-consuming, resource-intensive process, especially when the software becomes so outdated that it becomes incompatible with newer versions of the underlying operating system (OS) or system hardware.

Context Services can be used for modernizing applications include rewriting existing application, into a cloud native application.



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